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CQE has long supported the Writers’ Room program at Edgar School. Below is a letter from Marcia Holtzman, the Director of The Writers’ Room, written with the hope that you may be interested in becoming a writing coach or know someone else who may be interested in working with the students of Edgar School. CQE applauds Marcia Holtzman and her dedicated volunteers for their valuable contribution to our schools. Thank you. –Jim Jaques, CQE President

From: Marcia Holtzman, Director of The Writers’ Room

To: Families and Friends of Metuchen Students

You are invited to become a member of the Writers’ Room staff!?Join us for one or two hours a week as a writing coach in ?Edgar School classrooms.

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In 2001, the district embarked on a promising, new writing instruction project in our middle school.  The program, known as The Writers’ Room, involves parents and other community members as the key components.  As volunteer coaches, they provide assistance to students with their classroom writing assignments on a regular basis.  Modeled on a program which was developed in Montclair, our Writers’ Room has been adapted to meet the particular needs of Edgar School.

Typically, our program includes a cadre of 15 to 20 active coaches, participating in about 15 classrooms.  We have been involved with close to half the students in Edgar School every week. Our goals for the future are for most of the students in grades 5 through 8 to participate in Writers’ Room on a weekly basis.

The Edgar School Writers’ Room has been very well received by students and parents.  In May 2002, the Metuchen Board of Education honored us with formal recognition as a new and innovative program. Instructional objectives for the program coincide with those of our model, and are aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.   This year we will be supporting the Edgar School Literacy Initiative with special emphasis on Writing in the Content Areas.

We need additional coaches for the coming school year. You don’t have to be an experienced teacher, a professional writer, or a current Middle School parent.  An interest in children and the writing process are the only requirements.   The average commitment for each volunteer is to come in one day a week for one or more language arts classes. We will be scheduling training sessions for volunteers within the next few weeks.  If you would like to join us and can make the commitment, or would just like more information, please contact me by email or through the Edgar School office.

Thank you,

Marcia Holtzman

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