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Show Support for Guidance at the 2/10 BOE Meeting

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Dear CQE Supporter:

I urge you to attend the next Board of Education meeting, tomorrow evening February 10 at 8PM in the high school cafeteria, when your presence can show support for hiring an additional guidance counselor at Metuchen High School.  

MHS has one of the highest counselor/ student ratios among New Jersey high schools in our same socio-economic district factor group (DFG). In an average year, at least 1 out of 4 MHS graduates does not go on to a 4-year college. It should be noted that the vast majority of districts in our DFG are sending 80-94% of their graduates to a 4-year college.

The counselor/student ratio is as important as the teacher/student ratio. It makes sense that the more contact time a counselor has with his students, the more time he will have to spend in getting to know students, helping them find colleges that are a good fit and showing families how merit money and financial aid can afford more graduates the opportunity to attend a 4-year college. 

Metuchenites expect that all Metuchen’s kids should have the same educational advantages that students from similar districts are given so that they can matriculate at a college where they can earn a degree that will prepare them for surviving in a 21st century economy. Hiring an additional guidance counselor seems like good economic sense, especially for today when it is unthinkable for many folks to rely on private services to enhance college applications, to invest in an additional guidance counselor and in the future of all Metuchen students.

Presently, next year’s school budget is being discussed at BOE meetings. If you can understand the benefits that hiring a guidance counselor will bring to all Metuchen students, then please show your support by coming to tomorrow’s meeting. If you are an Edgar school parent, then surely the hiring of an additional guidance counselor at MHS will directly benefit your own child very soon.

Let’s understand the numbers and the dollars that a counselor will cost each taxpayer. A counselor is a good idea. It may turn out, when other factors are figured in like retirements, that it will cost very little. In the end, hiring a counselor can benefit many. If it’s doable, it will be money well spent.

?–Kathy Liss, CQE President

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