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CQE’s Activities for the April 2009 School Board Elections

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Citizens for Quality Education has moved into high gear as we get ready for the School Board Elections which will take place on Tuesday, April 21 from 2 PM until 9 PM.

In an effort to get everyone involved in this important election to vote for the school budget and for members of the school board, we have officially begun our annual New Voter Registration Drive and Absentee Ballot Drive.  Over the last week, 42 new voters have been registered and 33 absentee ballot applications have been emailed to those Metuchenites who have in the past requested absentee ballots through CQE.  Because we remember a time not so long ago in Metuchen’s history when a school budget went down by only 19 votes, CQE is doing everything possible to get out the vote to support the budget.  If you need an absentee ballot application or a voter registration form, you can download one from where you can also find important filing dates.  You’ll see there too that a CQE representative will go down to New Brunswick to deliver last minute absentee ballot applications on April 14 and any last minute ballots on April 21.

As usual CQE has begun its regular process for reviewing the candidates for the Board of Education.  We’ve appointed an endorsement committee to compose questions that explore the candidates’ views on issues that are important to our organization (see, on current topics affecting the district, as well as on the candidates’ general educational philosophy.  The committee also reviews each candidate’s history within the Metuchen school community. This year’s endorsement committee is made up of Jim Jaques, Steve Sugarman and Al Baron.  By the time our annual newsletter comes out with CQE’s endorsements in April, the committee’s questions will be posted on our Website.