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NJ Monthly Magazine Top 75 High Schools List: Why It Matters

Monday, April 13th, 2009

(This article is from the CQE Newsletter: Spring 2009.  Here the Resources at the end of the article have easy links.)

In September 2008, New Jersey Monthly Magazine came out with its biannual rankings of the top 75 high schools in the State. Ten years ago Metuchen High School placed #27. Since that time the high school has fallen off the list in consecutive rankings, placed #56 in 2006, and then once again fell off the list for a third time in 2008 where MHS sits at #86. But what does this mean? And why should Metuchenites care?

Questions for the Candidates

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

CQE’s Endorsement Committee composed the following questions to use in their interview/conversation about education with the candidates.  The questions were shared with the candidates beforehand.

Questions for the BOE Candidates 2009

  1. What do you hope to accomplish as a member of the Board of Education? a.How will you prioritize your efforts to achieve these accomplishments? b.  In the school post construction period, what are the three most important issues that you believe need to be addressed?
  2. What standards should the Metuchen schools use to judge their academic performance? Do you think the district has achieved that standard?  If not, what should the Board of Education be doing to get there?
  3. How well does the district serve the top 20 percent of students?  The bottom 20 percent?  The 60 percent in the middle?  Are there any programs that you favor adding or eliminating which are targeted to each of these groups?
  4. How do you view the high school’s drop in the NJ Monthly magazine’s ranking?  (more…)