Superintendent Search Update: Job Description

The Board of Education has begun to create a page on the Schools’ Website dedicated to the Superintendent’s search.  At the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, July 19, the public was told that a general job description would be posted until a more specific one was created. A job description was posted (dated May 2006) a few days after the July 19, 2011 BOE meeting, which specifically asks for “central office experience.”

Metuchen should have the best possible candidates for the extremely important position of Superintendent of Schools.  The job description should not limit our pool of candidates by asking specifically for someone with “central office experience.”  Candidates who may be supervisors, assistant principals, or principals with leadership experience, who have demonstrated quantifiable academic achievement in their schools, should be encouraged to apply.

Please write to the members of the Board of Education, our representatives in the search.  Inform them of the qualifications that you believe should be listed on the job description for the Superintendent of Schools in Metuchen.  You can send one brief email message addressed to all our Board members.  Contact information can be found by going to, clicking on “Board of Education,” and then “Contact Information.”
Feel free to share this message to interested friends and neighbors. Thank you.

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