The Public is Encouraged to Stay Involved in the Superintendent Search

Below are a few updates to keep you informed of the superintendent search:

  1. On Wednesday, August 3, there was a Board of Education meeting in the Central Office at Moss School.  Because the meeting could not be televised at that location, here are some notes taken by a member of the public who attended and asked to share his impressions with our mailing list: The open business meeting focused on developing the job description and advertisement for the superintendent search.  The ad and job description need to reflect the district’s true requirements in a candidate. Some of the characteristics Board members described include demonstrating achievement in continuous improvement, using data technology, improving achievement for all students, setting meaningful and measurable goals, and establishing a culture of academic excellence. As part of the search process, candidates will be asked to write short essays demonstrating their accomplishments.  At the meeting, Board members decided that these questions should focus on four areas: data driven decision-making, meeting the needs of all students, curriculum development and articulation, and personnel management. There was discussion about what job experience the district should require, and it appeared that the Board would open the search to a broad variety of qualified candidates. In my opinion, if all of the above characteristics make it into the job description, the process will lead to a good candidate.
  2. On Friday, August 5, the schools’ Website (see was updated. Now on the “Superintendent Search” webpage, you can find the “Search Calendar” and  the “Star Ledger Advertisement” for the position.
  3. Please note that the job description that appears on the schools’ Website is still the 5/16/2006 version, as the Board is still in the process of rewriting it.  The public is encouraged to write to the members of the Board of Education, our representatives in the search. Please inform them of the qualifications that you believe should be listed on the job description for the Superintendent of Schools in Metuchen.  It is most effective if you send an email message addressed to all our Board members.  Contact information can be found by going to, clicking on “Board of Education,” and then “Contact Information.”
  4. The next Board of Education meeting is on Tuesday, August 16 at 8 PM in the courtroom of Borough Hall.

Feel free to forward this email to your friends and neighbors.  You may also visit and click on “Superintendent Search Updates,” near the bottom of the menu bar on the right, to stay informed.

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