New Proposed Job Description for the Superintendent Search

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
As you know the Metuchen Board of Education is in the process of hiring the next Superintendent of Schools.  At their Tuesday, August 16 meeting, the Board did a first reading of the proposed Job Description of the Superintendent.  A record of quantifiable academic achievement or measurable academic success is not listed as a qualification in the description.  Only one Board member spoke of the need to include measurable academic achievement as a qualification.
Please watch the meeting on Video On Demand at, or cue the video to about 49 minutes into the meeting to witness the response of David Liss, who was a member of the public. He spoke about the need for accountability and the inclusion of measurable outcomes as part of the job qualifications.  At a time when our district has been out-performed by many similar districts in a number of metrics, improving student outcomes is extremely important.

There will be a second reading of the Job Description at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, August 30, when it will be voted on by Board members, most likely before the public has an opportunity to speak. If you have not already done so, please contact the members of the Board of Education and let them know that a history of quantifiable academic achievement should be included in the job description and should be a qualification of the next Superintendent of Schools.

You can send one brief email message addressed to all our Board members.  Contact information can be found by going, clicking on “Board of Education,” and then “Contact Information.” Feel free to forward this message to interested friends and neighbors. Thank you.
Best regards,
JoAnn Sabatino-Falkenstein, President
Jim Jaques, Vice President
Kathy Liss, Vice President

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