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CQE March Update

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

This year, CQE has asked the Board of Education candidates to participate in a forum where they’d share their thoughts in writing with our membership.  Questions concerning academics and education in Metuchen were sent to the four candidates: Lea Lanton, Aileen McGuire, Tara Matise, and Fran Brennan.  In early April, you will receive their answers to those questions in their entirety, and we will post them on our Website so that you can come to know the candidates better and have more information and insight for when you cast your vote.

The CQE 2012 Questions can be found by clicking on them under “BOE Elections” on the right sidebar at this Website. CQE historically focuses on the academic aspect of educating the “whole child.”  We believe that each child should be challenged so that every student across all grades and academic levels can reach his/her academic potential.   The questions are designed to be open-ended.  We are not looking for a “right answer,” but rather a thoughtful discussion of some of the academic issues that the members of the next BOE may face.

In other news: CQE continues to run its voter registration drive and its absentee ballot campaign. On March 1 and March 8, CQE representatives registered 28 high school students at MHS during lunch periods.  And it’s not too late for you! Please see our Website ( for voter registration and absentee ballot application information and forms.

Also last week, CQE Officers met with the MHS Guidance Department and set Wednesday May 30, 2012 for the 6th annual CQE/MHS Alumni College Day.  On that day, members of the MHS Classes of 2010 and 2011 will return to their alma mater to speak to their former schoolmates about the challenges, rewards and realities of college life. To learn more about Alumni College Day see our Website (  If you’d like to help on that day or know an alum who’d like to participate, please write us at

Next CQE Meeting: Wednesday March 14 at 8 PM

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Citizens for Quality Education will hold its next public meeting on Wednesday, March 14 at 8 PM .  Because of a scheduling conflict, the meeting will NOT be at Borough Hall but rather at 202 Dellwood Road.

The new business on the agenda will be the upcoming Board of Education Elections, including writing questions to ask of the candidates.

Everyone is welcome at this planning meeting.  If you cannot attend but have questions for the candidates, please submit them at