Candidates Reply to Question #1

Dear Friend of CQE:

This year, Citizens for Quality Education asked five questions concerning education and academics to the candidates who are running for the Board of Education.  The candidates are, in ballot number order: Lea Lanton, Aileen McGuire, Tara Matise and Fran Brennan.

CQE’s questions were designed to be open-ended and to engender thoughtful discussion. The topics were chosen because we believe that these are some of the issues on which the next Board of Education may be asked to give their opinion or to vote. It was not our expectation that the candidates would agree with every position held by our organization.  Instead, it is our hope that hearing from the candidates in their own words will prove helpful to the Metuchen community in making their choices on Election Day, April 17.

The first question we asked was,

Why are you running for the Metuchen Board of Education?

We chose this question so that each candidate would have the opportunity to speak about her interest in education and her motivation for joining the Metuchen Board of Ed.  Click on  THE CANDIDATES’ ANSWERS TO QUESTION #1 .

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