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CQE urges the Metuchen community to write Board of Education members asking them to keep the School Board elections out of the November political arena

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Citizens for Quality Education strongly supports keeping the school board election in April, rather than moving it to November. The organization believes that Metuchen residents should not have to give up their right to vote for the school budget. In addition, if the date of the election is moved to November, our local education issues would vie with political issues for the public’s attention and would appear to be less important.

Last year, the State gave school districts the option to move the traditional April election date to the November political election date, and thereby eliminate the public’s vote for the budget. However, (more…)

Metuchen BOE meeting on Weds., January 23: Moving the April school elections to November has far-reaching implications

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

There’s an important item on the agenda of the Metuchen Board of Education meeting for Wednesday, January 23: a discussion of the pros and cons of moving the April school elections to the November political elections. Among other  changes, this will eliminate the public’s vote on the budget.  Please plan to attend the meeting in the Metuchen High School cafeteria at 8 PM, in order to understand the many far-reaching implications of this decision on our schools.

Possibility of moving the BOE elections in April to the political elections in November

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

On Tuesday January 8, 2013, the Metuchen Board of Education met to preliminarily discuss the pros and cons of moving the Board of Education Elections, which are traditionally held in April, to the November political elections.

Please follow this important issue by going to: and selecting the “Board of Education Meeting 010813.” You can set the video at 10:55  (minutes) when Board President Jonathan Lifton opens the discussion.

It is worth viewing the public discussion with members of the Board from about 54:00 (minutes) to about 69:00(minutes).

You can read a description of the law that allows a district to move its elections to November and frequently asked questions at:

Happy New Year! News and Upcoming CQE Events

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! As 2013 begins, the Metuchen School District is well on its way towards academic excellence for all students.  Under the leadership of Superintendent Vincent Caputo and our Board of Education, a culture of academics is being fostered in our schools, where administrators, faculty members and students are being recognized for their scholarly achievements at Board of Education meetings and in the media.

In November, for the very first time Metuchen became one of 539 school districts across the United States and Canada to be named to the College Board’s AP District Honor Roll for increasing participation in the Advanced Placement program, while increasing the percentage of students earning passing scores on exams.  Our district’s increased participation in the program can be explained by the unprecedented number of students who were encouraged to take AP exams last May.   Of course, the credit for the passing scores must go directly to our teachers and students!

And the future looks even brighter with Mr. Caputo’s vision of increasing access to the Advanced Placement program for more students, which includes offering classes in subjects like Psychology and Government, which have no prerequisites.  In another step to encourage more students to challenge themselves, at their December 11 meeting, the Board of Education voted on the recommendation of the Superintendent to increase the grade point differential for AP classes.  Citizens for Quality Education is pleased with these initiatives and feels confident that we will see more students better prepared for the challenges of college and the world of work.

As Citizens for Quality Education begins the New Year, we invite you to join us in our upcoming activities:

  • CQE Story Time at Campbell School:  Are you interested in reading to a 1st or 2nd grade class?  Or would you like to get involved in planning for our program that brings members of the community into our schools? You can read more about this longstanding CQE event at  Our first Story Time of the year will be held on the morning of Friday January 11.  Write Shannon Osborn-Jones at for more information.
  • In 500 Words or Less:  On Sunday February 10 at 1 PM in the Metuchen High School auditorium, CQE and the Metuchen Guidance Department will co-sponsor a free screening of In 500 Words or Less, an important documentary film about the college admissions process. The film is open to the entire community—parents, students, grandparents, etc. To learn more about the documentary, visit:
  • CQE/MHS Alumni College Day:  On Monday May 20, alumni from the MHS Classes of 2011 and 2012 will return to their alma mater to speak to their former schoolmates about the challenges, rewards and realities of college life.  More information will follow on how the alumni can get involved and how adults can volunteer to help at our 7th annual Alumni College Day.
  • CQE Scholarship:  Over the last two years, CQE has awarded over $1500 in scholarships to Metuchen High School graduates at Senior Convocation in June.  For more information about the scholarship, please see:

To learn more about Citizens for Quality Education (CQE) and the benefits of membership, please review our Website.  Click on “Join CQE” on the right sidebar to get a membership form and instructions.