The 2013 Candidates Answer Questions 2 and 3

Today we have the candidates’ answers to CQE’s Questions 2 and 3.

Question #2: What do you believe are the Metuchen School District’s strengths? Are there areas in our schools where you’d like to see growth? CQE asked this question because although the organization is pleased with the progress our District has made in academic and co-curricular opportunities for all students over the last few years, we know there is always room for growth.  CQE is curious to learn about the interests and concerns that each of the candidates may bring to our schools.

Question #3: Balanced Literacy and Differentiated Learning are now part of the District’s curriculum at the elementary school level. How can we ensure success for all students at every level? CQE asked this question because although many parents have embraced the new balanced literacy and differentiated learning practices in our elementary school, some are concerned with how optimal learning can happen in heterogeneous classrooms where students are no longer grouped by ability.  For a better understanding of Balanced Literacy and Differentiated Learning in Metuchen, click HERE to see the slide presentation made at the April 2 Board of Education meeting.

Click  HERE to read the candidates’ answers.

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School Board Elections are on Tuesday April 16, 2013.  Polls are open from 2 pm until 9 pm.

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