Vote YES for the School Budget

Dear Citizens of Metuchen,

Now more than ever a YES vote for the school budget will ensure a competitive school system and increased property values for Metuchen.

Each year Metuchen citizens are asked to go to the polls in April to approve an operating budget for our schools. The school administration and the Board of Education have proposed a fiscally responsible budget that keeps the education of our students as its key objective. But knowing that our schools are in good hands should not make us complacent.

It is each citizen’s responsibility to vote to approve the budget on Election Day, Tuesday April 16. Polls will be open from 2 pm until 9 pm. Metuchen is one of only 41 districts in New Jersey that has chosen to keep its election in April, and not to forfeit its citizens’ right to vote for the budget by moving school elections to November. For residents of districts like Metuchen and neighboring Edison, voting for the budget is not only a responsibility, it has also become a privilege.

Why vote YES? The $32,733,655 budget will maintain all current educational programs, athletic teams, co-curricular activities and courtesy bussing.  It includes necessities like the maintenance of our facilities and grounds, e.g. the replacement of a boiler at Moss School. The budget includes needed technology infrastructure upgrades and replacement computers.

Why else should we vote YES? We see a strong commitment by the administration that all students at every level in the Metuchen School District will be challenged. For the first time, Metuchen High School has been named to the AP Honor Roll for improving performance and expanding opportunities among students. Next school year, there will be three new AP courses that do not require prerequisite classes and are open to more students. At Edgar School, 168 students participated in the 2013 Science Fair. Many students enroll in  ROGATE, an enrichment program where 8th grade students do primary research. Campbell School has taken a lead position teaching character education in the “Be the Best You Can Be” initiative. Kindergarten classes at Moss School have extended instructional time with an additional 54 hours.

It is imperative to vote YES because passing this budget will ensure that our schools can maintain their progress toward excellence for all. The average household will see a modest increase for the year of $141 for the general fund and debt service fund. (See the school website at for more details.)  But the benefits this budget brings in terms of student achievement and property value will be immeasurable.


JoAnn Sabatino-Falkenstein

President, Citizens for Quality Education

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