CQE Advocacy 2012-2013

Advocacy: For CQE, this was the year when many of the academic initiatives that the organization has worked towards since 2005 came to fruition. Today the Metuchen School District has a Director of Guidance K-12 and three guidance counselors at the high school. Beginning with the Class of 2016, the grade differential for AP classes has been increased in an effort to encourage more kids to challenge themselves. Additional AP classes, ones that do not require prerequisite classes, will be added to the high school curriculum and will be open to more students beginning in September 2013.  Please see our efforts over the years, which include these initiatives as well as our work during the District’s search for our Superintendent. Click through “CQE Advocacy” on the right sidebar of this Website.

In addition, this year CQE urged the Board of Education to keep the School Board Elections in April, so that school issues would not be lost among the November political issues, and so that Metuchen citizens would not lose their right to vote for the school budget. http://metuchencqe.org/advocacy-2011-2012/keep-school-elections-in-april/