CQE Advocacy 2011-2012

This past school year Citizens for Quality Education’s advocacy has focused on the district’s hiring of the new Superintendent of Schools.  When former Superintendent Terri Sinatra’s retirement was made known in June 2011, CQE went into high gear reaching out to our membership and to the Metuchen community to get involved, to attend Board of Education meetings, and to speak to Board members who would be responsible for filling this–the most important–position in the district.  Our request was for the Board of Education to seek candidates with “quantifiable academic achievement” in their former schools or districts.  So CQE was very pleased to learn in December that the BOE had hired Mr. Vincent Caputo as Metuchen’s new Superintendent.

Mr. Caputo comes from the Clark School District, where as Assistant Superintendent, he was a strong advocate for academic achievement and high expectations for all students.  For the last two school years in a row, Clark was named to the College Board’s prestigious, nationwide Advanced Placement District Honor Roll for increasing AP participation among its students while, at the same time, maintaining or increasing the percentage of passing scores. (In 2010, the last year of available comparable data, Arthur L. Johnson High School in Clark, NJ had an AP participation rate of 34%, while Metuchen High School had a 24% AP participation rate.) And among New Jersey’s F-districts, Clark sends a high percentage of their graduates directly on to a four-year college.  Prior to his tenure at Clark, Mr. Caputo was Supervisor of Math and Science at the Cranford Public Schools.  CQE believes that with his support, Metuchen’s newly designed Science curriculum and program will become even more promising for all students in K-12.

CQE is pleased that one of Mr. Caputo’s first initiatives in Metuchen is a focus on Guidance across all grades—one of our organization’s long-standing advocacy interests.  Within the first few months of taking his position, Caputo has hired a consultant to review Guidance and make recommendations that support our counselors and enhance services for all students.  He is also in the process of hiring a Supervisor of Guidance (K-12) to begin in the 2012-2013 school year.  Looking at Guidance services as a whole, from K-12, is essential to a smooth transition between the grades and across the schools, and to an earlier awareness of college planning for parents and students.  Citizens for Quality Education looks forward to the future of the Metuchen School District with great enthusiasm!

To learn about CQE’s advocacy efforts over the last few years, please click on the pages under “CQE Advocacy” on this Website. There you’ll learn about our interest in issues like  increasing the grade differential for honors and AP classes, access to a four-year college for more MHS graduates, AP participation, etc.  At our Website, you’ll also see articles and research briefs that inform and support our advocacy efforts under “Supporting Literature.”