CQE Advocacy 2008-2009

CQE ADVOCACY (2008-2009):

CQE advocates for all students at every grade and every level so that each can reach his/her academic best. This year our steering committee has identified three  priorities that we believe will raise the academic bar for all students and foster an academic climate in each of our schools.  These priorities are:

  • A focus in all grades (K-12) on moving students from “Partially Proficient” and “Proficient” to “Advanced Proficient” on standardized tests and on improving the scores of students who are already “Advanced Proficient.” Seeking to move students only to “Proficient” doesn’t help all students achieve their best and hampers the district’s performance.
  • Encouraging more students to take a rigorous curriculum including, at the high school, honors and AP classes for those students capable of doing the work. An honors/AP curriculum provides an advantage in gaining acceptance to a selective college, like Rutgers, and in doing well there. CQE believes that an increase in the grade point differential will encourage more students, who are academically able, to challenge themselves with honors and AP.
  • The hiring of an additional guidance counselor at the high school to afford students more personal attention in all areas such as high school course selection, career counseling, college selection, the application process, financial aid for college, etc. The average counselor/student ratio in New Jersey’s high schools among I-districts like Metuchen is 1/150. MHS’s ratio is more than 1/275.
During this school year, CQE found itself with a number of regularly attending members of its Steering Committee who were parents of Moss/Campbell students and who had specific concerns  for the younger student.  A CQE Moss/Campbell Committee was formed to explore these issues and to report back to the Steering Committee at our February 2009 meeting.  One of the recommendations from the committee has led to CQE’s commitment to explore the idea of an all day kindergarten program for the district. CQE will respectfully request from the Board a further study of such a program, including costs as well as academic and social benefits.