Guidance Counselors

Citizens for Quality Education believes that hiring an additional guidance counselor at the high school would afford more students more personal attention in navigating their next steps beyond MHS and towards becoming productive members of society . . . be it in college or at a job. Today, students and parents need help with high school course selection which begins in grade 8, with career counseling and later with the college search, the college application process, financial aid for college, etc.

Knowing that other New Jersey public high schools in our same socio-economic district factor group (DFG) have a counselor/student ratio of about 1/175 (while the counselor/student ratio at MHS is nearly 1/300) allows us to see what is in the realm of possiblities for the Metuchen School District. There are even many New Jersey public high schools in a lower DFG with a better counselor/student ratio than Metuchen High School’s. By hiring an additional guidance counselor, the counselor/ student ratio could be reduced to 1/200 at MHS.

Here’s what others have to say about the counselor/ student ratio:

from the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Statement on Precollege Guidance and Counseling and the Role of the School Counselor” (June 1990):

“We acknowledge the published report  High School by Ernest Boyer, with its recommended ideal counselor/student ratio of 1/100, and the position statement of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) with its recommendation that the ratio be between 1/100 (ideal) and 1/300 (maximum).”

For the full NACAC statement  and to learn about the important role counselors play in a high school, click on its title:   Precollege Guidance and Counseling and the Role of the School Counselor

To understand the level of attention that a guidance counselor can provide for his or her students and their parents in a public high school with a counselor/student ratio of 1/150 , please read the New York Times article from the Education Life Section (January 6, 2008)  by clicking on its title: Guidance Counseling: V. I. P.

Please Note:  In September 2012, Ms. Tiffany Goodson was hired as the Supervisor of Guidance (K-12).  In addition, there are 3 full time guidance counselors at Metuchen High School.