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The Candidates Reply to Question #5

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

The fifth and final question that CQE asked was,

How should we prepare our students for their lives in the future? What should we be teaching them now so that they can be prepared for life beyond high school?

When we asked this question, we were looking for thoughtful discussion. Citizens for Quality Education realizes that in a 21st century economy, more people will need a 4 year college degree to succeed. We believe that the careers our children will embrace will be changing and perhaps may not even exist today.

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The Candidates Reply to Question #4

Monday, April 9th, 2012

The fourth question that CQE asked was,

More and more colleges make clear in their admissions criteria that they want students who have taken AP classes and AP exams.  In response, some districts maintain open enrollment for AP classes for all students who want to challenge themselves. Some districts encourage all students to take at least one AP course in their high school career. What is your position on open enrollment in AP classes? How would you encourage more participation in AP courses?

CQE asked this question because we would like to see more AP participation at Metuchen High School. The Common Application, which is used in admissions for most colleges across the country, has a space to enter AP scores alongside other exams like the SAT, ACT and SAT II.  CQE is in favor of open enrollment in AP classes and in increasing opportunities with more AP offerings for more students to challenge themselves.  The organization believes that all students who take an AP class should take the course test in May.

The following links were provided to the candidates along with Question #4:

Please click HERE to see the candidates’ answers to Question #4.

To see a list of school districts in New Jersey and across the country that have been honored by the College Board for increasing access to AP classes among their students while maintaining or increasing scores, please click on AP HONOR ROLL

The Candidates Reply to Question #3

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

The third question that CQE asked was,

Many would say “that the fork in the road to college” can be found in Middle School.  How can we improve college expectations for all students by focusing on the Middle School curriculum, programming, etc.?

We asked this question to learn the candidates’ thoughts on the subject. CQE would like to see college planning for parents and students begin in the middle school. Below are links to literature that helped to inform the CQE position:

Breakthrough Collaborative.  Middle School: The Fork in the Road to College. January 2010.

Wimberly, George L. and Richard J. Noeth.  College Readiness Begins in Middle School.  ACT Policy Report.  2005.

To see the candidates’ answers, please click HERE.

The Candidates Reply to Question #2

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

The second question that CQE asked was,

In many school districts, subject classes are not based on ability group until 5th grade.  In Metuchen, Reading and Math classes are grouped by ability level beginning in 3rd grade.  Please state your opinion.

CQE asked this question to hear some thoughtful discussion on an issue on which the members of the next Board of Education may be asked to give an opinion or to vote.  In recent years, there has been discussion at Board meetings and among parents about the benefits of ability grouping vs. the benefits of differentiated learning in the classroom.  As of this time, CQE does not hold a position on this issue.

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Candidates Reply to Question #1

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Dear Friend of CQE:

This year, Citizens for Quality Education asked five questions concerning education and academics to the candidates who are running for the Board of Education.  The candidates are, in ballot number order: Lea Lanton, Aileen McGuire, Tara Matise and Fran Brennan.

CQE’s questions were designed to be open-ended and to engender thoughtful discussion. The topics were chosen because we believe that these are some of the issues on which the next Board of Education may be asked to give their opinion or to vote. It was not our expectation that the candidates would agree with every position held by our organization.  Instead, it is our hope that hearing from the candidates in their own words will prove helpful to the Metuchen community in making their choices on Election Day, April 17.

The first question we asked was,

Why are you running for the Metuchen Board of Education?

We chose this question so that each candidate would have the opportunity to speak about her interest in education and her motivation for joining the Metuchen Board of Ed.  Click on  THE CANDIDATES’ ANSWERS TO QUESTION #1 .