CQE Programs

Citizens for Quality Education sponsors two long-standing programs, CQE Story Lunch and the CQE-MHS Alumni College Day.  Read about each of our programs by clicking on their titles on the right side bar.

In addition, CQE  has sponsored the following events:

February 10, 2013.  In 500 Words or Less. Co-sponsored by the Metuchen High School Guidance Department.  In 500 Words or Less is an important documentary film about the journey through college admissions. To learn more about the film, click on In 500 Words or Less, under programs on the right sidebar.

June 12, 2011.  Moving Forward: Co-sponsored by the Metuchen Guidance Department, moderated by Metuchen High School Guidance Counselors, Moving Forward presented a panel of parents of alumni who discussed the college admissions process and offered advice, gained in hindsight, concerning choices made in high school that lead to success. (MHS Auditorium)

November 14, 2010..  Jim Trelease: On Reading Aloud. Documentary film. (Metuchen Public Library–Community Room)